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Nederman YouTube Channel

Nederman products and solutions contribute to reducing environmental impacts from industrial production and to creating safe and clean working environments whilst boosting production efficiency

The Nederman S-Series baghouse dust collector is the hugely successful baby brother of the long established and respected ‘NF’ family of wood-waste dust collectors. Quick to install and easy to operate, it is the ideal solution for the small shop or single work-cell operation. It is designed to be used indoors and is compliant with the latest NFPA 664 guidelines - reference*(7). 

S-Series dust collector can handle up to 8.500 m3/hr (5,000 CFM)7,5 Kw (10 hp) ‘S-1000’

S-Series dust collector can handle up to 8.500 m3/hr (5,000 CFM)7,5 Kw (10 hp) ‘S-1000’

The Nederman S-Series baghouse dust collector with Biesse Rover NBC

Key features

  • Neat, compact, unobtrusive
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Bag or steel bin dust collection options
  • Standard units in three sizes
  • One bag size fits all
  • Quiet running efficient 1,450 RPM (1,750 RPM North America) fans
  • Simple maintenance
  • Quick Fit versatile clip together duct connections

Wood waste

Efficient management of excess material is necessary for the production flow and can make a large economical contribution to your business

Wood waste can profitably be recycled into new material (i.e. MDF-board) or into energy if used as bio-fuel. Wood dust extraction is an essential service to improve air quality in working and surrounding environments and to enhance product quality. Nederman wood dust collectors are reliable, very efficient and economical.

Well designed and efficient wood waste handling installations have become a major part of the woodworking industry. Nederman, the world leader in industrial air filtration and very experienced in all wood-based applications, ranging from centralized production plants to small product manufacture and finishing.

Our solutions are used to reduce the impact on the environment from various woodworking processes and contributes to improved production economics and reduced environmental impact of industrial processes.