For us, vertical sawing technology is both passion and mission. Ludwig Striebig, the founder of our company, invented it.

For us, vertical sawing technology is both passion and mission.

We are the only manufacturer of woodworking machines in the world with an exclusive focus on one product category: vertical panel saws.

We create sustainable values – with all our experience, with a high degree of passion in our development team and extensive knowledge of your daily requirements: the STRIEBIG, synonym for vertical panel saws.

We owe our leading market position for decades to your confidence, consistent "Swiss Made" with maximum product quality and the reliability of our established specialist trading partners. click logo to go to

Carpentry workshops / Woodwork

Woodworkers need a machine which can be used universally. It must be robust, powerful and versatile. Striebig panel saws meet these criteria while offering many further advantages.

The powerful motor. The heart of a Striebig panel saw is the motor which, with a power output of up to 7.5 hp, ensures smooth processing of solid timber.

The frame. Robust, stable, Striebig. Their robust, rigid frame ensures that Striebig saws have a long service life without any loss of quality.

The diversity of materials. You can saw solid timber, MDF, fibre and plasterboard panels on a single machine. No conversion required while maintaining consistently high operating convenience and excellent material handling

Processing of composite panels

The cutting of composite and sandwich panels requires threefold precision:

  1. The edges must be accurate and clean.
  2. The cutting line and precision of the cut must be accurate to within 1/10 mm in order to ensure precisely fitting angles and grooves.
  3. The depth stop must be absolutely precise so that the grooves are identical.


The Striebig grooving accessory achieves accurate dimensions. Everything fits, no dressing is required.

Mounting this accessory set is extremely simple and accomplished in a few minutes.

Joinery workshops

No other vertical panel saw offers that many advantages for joinery workshops.

The high precision. Whether you are making horizontal, vertical or angle cuts – each cut is precise to within 1/10 mm.

The sizing cut. All parts are immediately ready for gluing. No sanding, planing or routing – simply saw and process further with no intermediate steps required.

The low space requirements. Less space is impossible!

The versatility. A Striebig will saw anything! Whether you are processing MDF, plasterboard, solid timber or other panel materials.

The accessories. With the comprehensive range of accessories, you can equip and customise your Striebig to your own requirements.

Processing of NF (non-ferrous) metals

NF metals such as brass, copper, aluminium, etc. find increasing application in interior furnishings.

Striebig panel saws can be used for cutting these materials. Ask your sales partner!

The powerful, high-torque motors and the precise cuts to within 1/10 mm ensure perfect processing quality.

The performance and quality of the Striebig machines is exemplary. Striebig saws in special sizes (lengths of up to 15 m), are for example used in the aircraft-manufacturing industry.

Furniture production

The main fields of application include:

  • Finishing and dressing of individual parts as required
  • Cost-effective single-piece production for custom furniture items
  • Low-price "spare part" production where body, panel or shelf parts are damaged during the production process


The advantages of Striebig panel saws are obvious:

  • Simple operation of the machine
  • Accurate cutting of parts to within 1/10 mm without torn edges
  • Easy handling of the panels to be cut
  • Cut parts ready for gluing without finishing

    DIY stores

    It is no coincidence that Striebig panel saws are used in all the major DIY stores.

    The precise, clean cut increases customer satisfaction and secures the cut-to-measure service, their key contributor to sales.

    The TRK extraction wall with integrated small workpiece support minimises the risk of injuries. Small, narrow workpieces are supported safely and precisely.

    Many advantages speak in favour of a Striebig:

  • High degree of safety, prevention of accidents
  • Very low space requirements
  • Time savings through efficient cutting
  • Easy handling
  • Easy material handling
  • High cutting quality
  • Favourable cost-performance ratio
  • Best service, fast and competent
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  • 1958
    Ludwig Striebig, master joiner from Littau/Switzerland, builds a vertical panel saw for his own joinery workshop, consisting of a wooden frame and a beam with a moving sawing unit

  • 1958/59
    The basic concept of today's vertical panel saw is developed in Ludwig Striebig's joinery workshop

  • 1960/61
    Model 62 is prepared for series production

  • 1961
    Market launch of Model 62

  • 1964
    Market launch of Model 64
    Development of a network of dealers abroad,
    Striebig takes part in the Swiss National Exhibition in Lausanne

  • 1968/72
    Market launch of Model 68 / expansion of the model 68 series

  • 1977
    Foundation of Striebig AG
    Named “Best Partner” by the Association of German Machine and Tool Wholesalers (FDM)

  • 2004
    Market launch of the newly designed and enhanced COMPACT, restructuring of the sales programme
    Successful re-certification according to ISO-9001:2000 and ISO-14001:2004; new occupational safety certification according to OHSAS 18001:1999

  • 2005
    Market launch of the new STANDARD (TRK1 / TRK2) at the Ligna+

  • 2007
    Autumn 2007: Company moves into the new production and administration building
    Nov. 2007: Introduction of the new COMPACT / COMPACT AV in Basel

  • 2009
    May 2009: Introduction of the new CONTROL and EVOLUTION saws with cutting-edge “touch & saw” operating system at the Ligna+
    EVOLUTION = superior class vertical sawing technology
    CONTROL = premium class vertical cutting centre

  • 2010
    Many successful re-certifications: ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007

  • 2011
    Integration of the tool database into the “touch & saw” operating system, a total of more than a dozen improvements in the product range within one year

  • 2012
    After 10 years, the EVOLUTION and CONTROL still maintain a secure position as market leaders in vertical panel saws

  • 2014
    January 2014: The first STRIEBIG 4D is installed at a customer and stands the test from the very beginning